GreenOnline’s sustainability scorecard

Since its inception, GreenOnline was built upon the premise of making a business that is a net positive for people and the planet.  Between 2016 to 2021, we were active supporters of Trees For The Future. As of 2022, we have supported WoodYouCare as a Bronze Founding Partner. 

WoodYouCare is focused on the reforestation of low-income countries in the global south that are facing extreme pressures on their citizen’s livelihoods due to the effects of climate change. Via WoodYouCare, we’ve partnered with local communities and NGOs to plant a tree for every 100 contract cancellations sent by mail. We do this to offset the carbon emissions involved with our business. We believe in a green and sustainable future for everyone. 


As part of our pledge to be carbon neutral, GreenOnline has been supporting tree planting in a forest in East Kalimantan, Borneo island. But our work goes beyond just tree planting. We have also supported a Wildlife Rescue Centre that is saving critically endangered species like the Bornean Orangutan. With WoodYouCare’s participatory approach, we have created an impact across the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Improving biodiversity – SDG 13 and SDG 15
  • Countering land erosion- SDG 13 and SDG 15
  • Increasing local employment – SDG 8
  • Restoration of wildlife habitats- SDG 15
  • More and better care for local farmers and families SDG 3
  • More education for local farmers and families – SDG 4, SDG 5
  • An important source of food for humans and animals – SDG 1, SDG2

These aren’t just empty words, we believe environmental sustainability in business practices necessitates transparency. To view our work in Borneo, from the top-level data, down to the granule details of the specific trees that have been planted, click here.