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We cancel contracts










Companies often make the opt-in for their service easy, but put up barriers the moment a customer wants to leave. 


GreenOnline offers consumers an easy way of cancelling their subscriptions in one place. Fast, safe, cheap and transparant.


You can find our cancellation sites here.


Companies we help by offering actions, tools and data for retaining customers or optimising their sales-flow.



If you run a business and are thinking about your cancellations please contact usthere is a good chance we thought about courses of action that will benefit you.


Underneath you will find a selection of tools we developed to help you service your customers.


GreenOnline started in the Netherlands in 2010. We are by now in 8 different European countries while starting up in new countries.

Cancellation Widget

Our widget facilitates your online sales-proces.


Customers drop out of a sales-proces easily because they can’t finish a sale immediately. One of the reasons being that they still have a running contract with your competitor.


By implementing our cancellation widget you enable your new customers to easily cancel their old contract directly on your website, thus taking away an important hurdle for that customer preventing him or her to drop out.


The cancellation widget is easily adaptable to your website design and comes with clearly written instructions.




GreenOnline provides high volume partners with the ability to connect to our API-Platform.


Using our platform you have the ability to make use of in-app-cancellations, online cancellations, cancellations by phone, SMS or other IM services.


We can help you take care of a cancellation and provide you with all necessary customer information or we can do the support for you, branded or non branded.


You determine where your work ends and ours starts. 


Track & Trace your Cancellation

Almost there! We are using track & trace already at GreenOnline but are currently working on improvements so consumers can also be updated through their favourite messenger.


So now, not only will customers be able to follow their cancellation online, they can also be notified of every step of the handling of their cancellation.




cancellation banner green

Cancellation Banner

Greenonline provides consumers the ability to cancel their contracts online in a safe, convenient and quick manner.


To facilitate companies and make life easier for consumers we offer a cancellation method (Cancellation Banner) that enables users to quickly cancel by phone. The Cancellation Banner is shown as an extra option during the use of our cancellation service.


The upside of this method for you as a company is that your customer will not send you a cancellation letter making the cancellation irreversible but will be connected to your safe- or retention desk. 


You now have a chance to put things right with your disgruntled customer.


The cancellation-banner has a retention rate up to 35%.



Whether you have a question about features, trials, need a demo or anything else. Our team is ready to answer all your questions. Use this form or simply call us on: 
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